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Multifamily Properties

Covert Avenue Duplex


  • 2013 Purchase Date
  • $13000 Equity Required
  • 29% Cash on Cash%

The company purchased this property in 2009 at a steep discount well below market value. This duplex property is a class B asset The property was owned by an elderly lady who only used the property for her mother to live in, when her mother passed she decided to sell.

Mattingly Drive Properties


  • 2007 Purchase Date
  • $42000 Equity Required
  • 25% (2008-2012) Cash on Cash%

The company; as one of its first projects purchased this block of properties in 2007 at a discount well below replacement cost and market value based on similar well managed properties. These duplex properties are a class B assets built in 1979 by a local builder who passed away in early 2000.

Hughes Apartments


  • 2012 Purchase Date
  • 75000 Equity Required
  • 13% Cash on Cash%

Cash Flow was distributed to our investment partner every quarter during the hold period. He received from the cash flow a carve out equal to 8% return on his investment while we kept 5%. The property was then refinanced in 2016 to return our partner’s principal. As of right now we currently still own the property for the cash flow.